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Previously an Indian restaurant for over 15 years, new management has now converted the restaurant into an Indian and Nepalese Cuisine. The family includes the chef with over 25 years of experience and dedication worldwide which reflects in the delicious taste you get at Savera.

Focusing on every ingredient used, We at Savera ensure that every customer walks out happy after having a meal here. If you are craving a delicious Indian meal and all what you want is the best, then Savera is the place of you. We are fully licensed and B.Y.O(Wine only). Most of our curries are gluten free, and we can adjust it according to your taste, we also have a wide range of options available for our Vegan friends. Have a look at our wide range of exotic menu and come with your family and friends to enjoy the finest Indian meal in town. We look forward to serve you. Call us on 9737 6601 for more details

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